Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nose At The Window

That's what I'm doing all the time, for the last couple of days.  Walking up to the window and sticking my nose against the glass.

"Why?" I hear you thinking.  Well, I'm constantly checking the weather and waiting for a break in the clouds large enough to allow me to go out and use my new DSLR camera in the dry.

Since the weather-gods seem to conspire against me -or they are simply on a vacation in Ibiza- I'm doomed to keep on sticking my nose to the glass and gazing up at the clouds.

In between staring at clouds, I check ebay for some more gadgets.  Found a very nice Courser khaki camera bag for a decent price.  Comes from a shop in the United Kingdom.  The bag's price is alright, but the postage & packaging fee is a touch on the steep side and gives an idea why the post in England is called Royal Mail: they must have a bank-account the size of that of the Royal Family by now with the prices they ask.  A few quid more and I could take a ferry across the channel to get the item myself.

Oh, and I also found some filters for both my Canon SX1 and the EOS600D.  At a ridiculous price too, I might add.  A set of four Hoya filters including a double-coated polarisation one for five pounds.  The latter would set me back around seventy five euro when buying it new, so, you can imagine I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase.  Even when the Royal Mail tries to rain on my parade.

Speaking of rain: I just stuck my nose to the window for the 298th time today and it's raining right now.  So, I'll better come back later.

I'll keep you posted,

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