Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mum Goes Nuts, Too...

Last friday -February 8- my mother took about two hours to get out of bed.  Not because she went out on the town the night before and was suffering a hangover- no, she was in pain for some or other reason and was unable to use her legs and as a consequence couldn't get up.

Saturday went reasonably well.  Mother could walk, albeit very carefully and very slowly, but at least she was able to get around the apartment.

Sunday however, things went from bad to worse and mom was again unable to get up.  She didn't even make it to bed the night before and slept on the couch.  Since I had to help her get on and off the toilet bowl and didn't see me doing this every hour (my mother suffers from water in the lower legs and takes medication to get rid of that water, so she has to go pee at least once every hour) I only saw one solution and that was to get her to the hospital.

So, that's what we -my sis, brother in law and me- did.  Went to the Middelheim Hospital in Antwerp and took her into the "Urgency" center.  Urgent is a bit of an idle word at Middelheim, or so it seems, since we had to wait from half-past one until a quarter past four before mom was admitted.

The doctors did some tests -which altogether took until roundabout nine PM- and came to the conclusion that mom suffered from an infected tendon in her right upper tigh.  That's why she was in such pain trying to stand and in fact couldn't stand at all.

Mom's being taken care of with antibiotics and stuff.  How long it's gonna take until she'll be able to more or less walk again is rather murky.  Doctors can't -or won't- put a time on it.  fact is that mom's also going to need some "movement therapy", which is just another term for excersising.  She'll be very happy with that.

Anyway, for the time being it's a question of being able to keep mom in the hospital, because she doesn't like it there and wants to go home.  I can understand that.  I don't like hospitals either for the main reason that you get bored stiff over there.  Nothing to do in so many diferent ways.

Am off.  Gotta go pay mom a visit.
I'll keep you posted.


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