Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Postage And Packaging

Just as I checked my mailbox this morning (the real-world one, not my e-mail) the mailman arrived.  We said "hi", exchanged some pleasanteries and we both went our separate ways; me upstairs to my studio, he to continue his round.

Jus as I sat down, I heard a "dum-dumdumdumdum-dum-dum" on the window and whaddayakno, there was the mailman again.  Seemed he forgot a delivery for me. So, the good man handed me a package the size of a small shoebox, we shared some more pleasanteries and I went back inside and he, well, he continued his service.

From the minute I saw the marking "Royal Mail" on the box, I knew my lenses had arrived, since the guy I bought 'em from lives near London, U.K.  I of course already thought so, since I wasn't expecting anything else.

Lenses were very neatly packaged with probably a complete British newspaper crammed around and between the lenses.  Good.  Unpacked 'em both, saw that the filters for the Tamron 500mm were included and tried them on the camera.  The Tamron was a touch reluctant to get fitted, which was more due to me not being used to swap lenses on a DSLR: I missed the red marker on the lens, which has to correspond to the red marker on the camera in order to fit the lens smoothly.

Once I noticed those markers, switching goes without a glitch and both lenses -the Tamron and te Canon 75-300mm USM lens- fit and work properly.  Must say that working with the Tamron mirror lens is going to take some getting used to.  Indeed, working with the Canon EOS600D is going to need some adapting on my part, me being used to the point-and-shoot Canon SX1-iS...

All I need now is some proper casings for the lenses and off we go into the wilderness to harass the natives by pointing my lenses in their general direction...

I'll keep you posted...


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  2. The 500mm mirror lens is actually an MTO (Maksutov) lens and not a Tamron as I wrongly surmised and wrote in the blog.
    MTO lenses were manufactured in Russia by the LZOS company following the Maksutov design from Russian optical engineer Dr. Maksutov (hence the MTO 3M-5CA getting its nickname 'Maksutov').
    That it is not a Tamron is good news, since the TCM lens is way better in the sharpness, contrast and build department...