Thursday, February 7, 2013

Filtering The Filters...

Oh boy.  Been having a go at some filters on ebay.  Mainly UV (Ultraviolet) and Polarisation (anti-reflection) filters in both 52mm and 58mm for my Canon SX1 and EOS 600D respectively.

Problem is I placed bids on several offers and have been very lucky since I won them all.  Now I have a whole bunch of 'em from different brands like Hoya, Kenko and Jessop.

On the other hand, having several of the same filters might come in handy when owning more than one lens.  That way, I can leave this or that filter on those lenses.  It never hurts -on the contrary- to leave an UV filter on a lens, since it not only ameliorates your photos: it also protects the innards of the lens and even the mirror of your DSLR.

Also found a nice canvas shoulderbag from a brand called Courser.  Didn't find a shop in Belgium which sells them, so I got it from ebay too.  A shop in the U.K. which has several different sizes and shapes.  Decent prices too, except -again- for the Royal Mail fee.  My guess is the Royal Mail charges these enormous amounts (in comparison to other countries) to compensate for the damages they have to pay: the Royal Mail is notorious for "accidentally" losing stuff.

Losing stuff by means of some mailmen who think they have first choice when packs are being sent and as a consequence deliver the goods to their own doorstep instead of to the recipient's adress on the box...

Anyway, until now I have no complaints.  Got a couple of things underway (Filters!).  Hope it gets across the Channel unscathed.

I'll keep you, well, posted...

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