Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Camera Eye

Yesterday, my new second-hand Canon EOS600D (Rebel T3i) arrived from Cottbus, Germany, courtesy of Hermes Paket International.

Usually things from Germany arrive through DHL courrier. Hermes is cheaper, but their track and trace system isn't as accurate. It was still announced on their website as just having been sorted at their hub in Cottbus while someone was already on my doorstep with the package.

Wasn't home, but a neigbour signed for it and left a note (Hermes guy also left a note, must add) and brought me the package as soon as he saw me.

No problems with the content. Everything was inside the original box, as advertised by the seller on ebay.  The guy even threw-in an adapter to hang the camera directly on the mains through a wall-socket.


My first surprise however, was that the EOS600D is actually lighter than my Canon PowerShot SX1-iS, even with the EFS 18-55mm lens attached to the former.  My guess is that this is due to the different batteries: a single 7.5volts one for the EOS600D, while the SX1 has four AA/HR6 1.5volt batteries.  Although I must add that the SX1 has a more sturdy feel to it.  Must be because of the slightly more compact size.

Due to its bigger size, the 600D feels better in the hand. I've got fairly large hands, so the 600D's bigger size comes in, well, handy, as the buttons are spaced more evenly so there's less of a chance to accidentally hit something while manipulating the camera.

A few buttons also have different naming, which had me dive into the manual a few times already.  First and foremost to learn how I could actually switch the display from informative text to seeing what I saw through the viewfinder.

There's a "Display" button on top of the camera, but all it does is turn the display off or on, not switch between picture and menu.  After having checked the manual, I foud out that I had to hit the one button I'd been avoiding altogether.  Didn't wanna touch that button, because it's red.  A similar red button on the SX1 is for filming, so, I thought that it would be the same on the 600D.  Not so: that red button on the 600D is to switch to so-called "Live Mode".  In Live Mode you are indeed able to see on the display what you see through the viewfinder.  Only negative about this is that Live Mode is switched off everytime the camera goes into stand-by.  For now, that stand-by modus kicks in after 30 seconds.  Annoying thing is that you have to hit the red button again, everytime the camera has been in stand-by...

Maybe there's a way around it, but I haven't come across one in the manual, so far.

Anyway, seems I'll have to do a bit of studying.  Can't wait to go out and use the camera, though.  I bought a couple of lenses too -a 75-300mm USM and a Tamron 500mm mirrorlens- so I'm waiting til they've arrived.  Then I'll have to buy enclosures for the lenses and then I'll have a walkabout through the port, see what's pleasing to the eye and the camera...

I'll keep you posted.

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