Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wow... over a year already...!

Although The Rolling Stones claimed that time was on their side, it doesn't seem to be on mine and it sure floats fleetingly fast...

To be honest (aren't we all, at some point) I'm not such a Blog-nut -although I promised myself -very furtively- to post regularly here.

Okay, so, once every ten years is also regularly; but I meant to visit and post at least once a week. Funny how one can get distracted to a point that you forget all about such trivialities as a web Blog. Well, not exactly forgetting -the thought of it is always floating about in the mind, albeit in some deep, dark recess, so obscure your everyday conciousness doesn't reach it, or, when it does, that thought gets waved back to where it came from.

But I'll post more often, I promise. Which could mean, of course, that my next post will be in about 15 months from now...

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