Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time ain't on our side

Crikey, another year has passed in which I didn't write anything at all -at least, here on my blogspot...

Not much has happened in the meantime, really.  I guess time went too fast for anything meaningful to happen.  Or maybe some meaningful stuff DID happen but I'll only notice it in a few years from now.

One of the reasons I've been away is because I took up gaming again and also did a lot of reading.  Especially on my favoutite subjects, which are science-fiction and ancient alien/ancient advaced civilizations.

Regarding the possibility of more advanced civilizations having existed in our past, I wonder why people are so adamant against the idea.

I mean... I know that we've been indoctrinated for centuries about our history, especially under the influence of religion.  The buggers have, after all, kind of rewritten our history for us.  This revised history is also what the "established" excavators and so-called scientists seem to cling to, regardless of the obvious proof that a lot of what they tell us is bogus.

You only have to turn your keen eye to Egypt and especially the Giza plateau and the pyramid of Cheops/Khufu to be confronted with literally tons of anomalies.  Anomalies which can only be explained to satisfaction when one takes into account the possibility of power tools.

Now, of course, the mentioning of power tools being used in a time at least 2500 years before zero has many people raising their eyebrows and look at you with "tin-foil-hat alert" all over their face, but when considering the facts (yes, FACTS) there simply is no other possible explanation.

The fairytale that 300-plus tons granite blocks have been transported across 750km of desert sand and dunes by means of wooden rollers has had its moment in the spotlight, but by now every child should know that such a feat is impossible.  Yet, that is exactly what "experts" still claim happened.

But I'm not in the mood right now to go deeper into the subject.  I'll do that on a later date.  maybe in a year from now, who knows...


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