Friday, August 23, 2013


We, Humans, are supposed to be sinners.  The lot of us.  That is, according to religious folk.

But me being me, I have thought things over a touch and came to the conclusion that we, Humans, can never be sinners, at least, not in the religious sense.

Because there's only two possibilities.

One, god, with his ability of foresight in combination with his greater plan, has measured out our lives, for every single person which was ever born and for every person that still has to be born: all our lives are written in stone because that's what god has planned.

So, if god has planned our lives for us, how on earth can we sin? Since whatever we do was in god's plan?

Two, god's plan includes free will for each and everyone of us.  Thus, god has no control over most of what we do.  If we, in our capacity of free-willed beings, should do something which religious folk call a sin, then they should blame god since he gave us a free will.  When using our free will we fulfill god's wish and thus cannot sin.

So, you see, religious people should do their homework and stop calling everybody who doesn't think along their lines a sinner, because, guess what, we are unable to sin, since however you look at it, whatever we do, it's god's will.

But, while we're at it, let's also have a look at those so-called religious people.  When we take a real close look, we must conclude that they are not religious at all.  No siree.  Because, 99.9% of religious people are mistaking church for religion.

That's right.  There are no religious people.  Only folks who are part of a church and follow the dogmas of that church.  Since those people lost the ability to think for themselves, they let their church leaders do the thinking.  And those church leaders have only one thing in mind and that is to further their private non god-inspired agenda and keep on fooling their flock into thinking that the church holds the truth and nothing but the truth, amen.

Thou shalt not falter is one of the cherished retorts from the church.  Why?  Because when people veer from the path, the church loses its grip and there's a big chance the people start thinking for themselves again.  The church --whatever church-- can't have that.  That's tantamount to blasphemy, treason even.  No, no, you *have* to keep the faith.  Otherwise the church would lose its reason of existence...

Because, in the end, the church has but one goal and that goal is to secure it's own existence, its own future.

And that, to finish with a contradicto in terminis, is a real sin.


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