Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stowing Your Life Away...

The big day is arriving fast now.  I hope.  That's what they've been telling me for weeks, anyway. "They" are the housing company from which I rent an apartment.  The same people who are selling the block where I currently live and as a consequence have provided me with a new place to stay.

All I need to get sorted out is the warranty of the new apartment.  Is almost double of what I had to cash-out for where I live right now.  A good thing that I get to collect the warranty from this apartment and can carry it over to the new one.  Which means I only need an extra threehundred-and-peanuts on top of the fivehundred and sixty I paid four and a half years ago.

Once the warranty is settled, I'll get the keys and some time after that I'll sign the new lease.  Then, the housing company will give me a call about the exact date the moving company will arrive.

Another good thing is that, since we're being forced out because the housing company sells the apartment block, it's a case of "force majeure" and as such we don't have to pay zilch.  All the costs of moving are for the wallet of the housing company.  They painted the new apartment and even put some new carpet on the floor.

Problem is I'll have to buy half a football field's worth of curtains. Much more and larger windows than in my current studio.  With the cash I've spent on ebay lately, buying my DSLR and lenses and filters and whatnot, I guess I'll have to dress one window per month.  Which will take me close to a year before I'll have curtains everywhere...

But who cares, except maybe for the neigbours across the street.  Main thing is I'll finally move and leave this rabbithole behind me.  Not that I didn't like it here.  Its' just that I've been buying so many pieces of furniture over the last four and a half years that I haven't got any room left to move around.

Packing is almost done. Funny how you collect a lot of stuff over a short period of time.  I mean, I practically left everything behind back in 2007 when I went to New York City.  When I came back to Belgium, all I had was my computer, some clothes and a fairly decent music collection.  Oficially, I was homeless until the first of October 2008 (slept on the floor at my mother's place for one and a half years) when I got this here studio.

Bit by bit I bought some furniture and stuff and now the place is so crammed it's bursting at the seams.  Some furniture like my bed I bought new.  A couple of weeks ago, i was finally able to buy the wardrobe that goes with the bed -at the time, I was unable to fit the wardrobe into the smallish bedroom, but the new apartment is spaceous enough -with two bedrooms- to fit everything I have and then some.

Like I said, I'll be glad when I'll finally be able to move.  So, let's move it.
I'll keep you posted.


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