Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Nuttiness Of Religious Folk...

Okay, okay, so, one shouldn't generalize, but I must confess that one of the things which doesn't cease to amaze me is the weirdness of the train of though of people who "have faith".

I mean, they find the ability to turn everything upside down and reverse the logic used to prove them wrong as a weapon to prove they're right.  And all this with a poker face and a self-righteousness that defies all factual evidence.

The thing is that organized religion has made such a messy blur of the facts that their obviously blind flock use skewed theories and falsified texts as a shield to everything which is said to make them see the light.

For instance, when people with faith cite the bible, I always ask "which one?  The falsification that is the King James bible or the original Hebrew texts?"
When I go on that, for example, the part where god created Man and Woman as Adam and not Eve but Lilith (made from the dust, like Adam); where Lilith ran off because she didn't want to obey hubbie Adam and as a consequence god created Eve, was left out of the translation, along with the part where god the all-seeing and all-knowing had to organize a posse of Arch-Angels to go and look for Lilith in order to try and persuade her to come back to the Garden Of Eden.

These parts obviously didn't fit the general ideas this newly founded Roman Catholic church had about the story they wanted to sell to the people, so, they were omitted.  The reaction by the faithful to these facts is a whole lot of gibberish someone with but an ounce of rationale would dismiss as laughable or at least fabrications by a bunch of leaders who's intent clearly is to spew so much mist their followers don't know left from right anymore.

Major problem is that this gibberish and non-sense is held for the truth and nothing but the truth by these fidels and is used against anybody who dares to attack their belief.

No wonder the world is going down the drain...


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