Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New place, old me...

Well, I'm finally starting to settle in my new place.  It's quite fun to be needing something and not knowing where you've actually put it.

New appartment is about three times the space I used to live and still I seem to lack room.  Okay, so I bought an extra cupboard and put my dinner table with it's six chairs together -something I couldn't do in the "old" place- and I've also bought that four-doors wardrobe.  The latter is sitting in the bedroom (no kidding) which is spacious enough to hold the wardrobe and the matching double bed plus an extra small linen cupboard.

It's the living area which seems to get cramped.  Maybe because I divided it in two with a self-made two meters by two meters loose CD-storage (or what this "wall" was originally used for): one side holds the dining table and the chairs -plus two cupboards- and the other side has my Samsung 46" TV on a new, small table and three Ikea easy chairs plus two telescopic tripods for the rear speakers of my JBL XTi20 surround system.

For the latter I found a half-decent surround receiver, the Pioneer VSX-422, which got its place underneath the TV set, with my Samsung BluRay player on top of the receiver and the JBL center speaker on the floor underneath the receiver.

Must say that the JBL speakers give a really nice sound but are lacking in the bass department.  Mainly because there was no subwoofer included in the set, but also because the Pioneer receiver hasn't got that much bass to play with.  Instead of a knob on the receiver, it's a button on the remote which can go "six" up and/or down from the standard "zero" level.  Since the surround set is mainly going to be used for watching movies, the lack in lower levels isn't that much of a problem.

For music, I use my computer with a Logitech Z5500 5.1 surround set anyway, hooked-up to a Creative Fatality XFi Titanium soundcard.  Plus, should I really want to, I could always sell the Pioneer/JBL combo on ebay and use my second Logitech Z5500 set for the TV.  I bought that second set on ebay for "spare parts" should I run into trouble with my original Z5500, since the latter isn't manufactured any longer and was replaced by the Z906 of which the build quality of the electronic components is rather dubious in my opinion.

But I seriously doubt I would sell the JBL speakers.  They give an impressively crisp sound, even on that "cheapish" Pioneer and without a subwoofer.  I have always been satisfied with the Logitech Z5500's sound -especially the subwoofer is tremendous- until I started using those JBL XTi20 speakers.  That is to say, I am still satisfied with the Z5500 set, but those JBL's are so much nicer to the ears.  Well, to mine anyway...

I'll be back,

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